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Being the perfect dating material for men – 4 mistakes to avoid

It is a known fact that we all have our preferences when it comes to selecting our romantic partners. But sometimes, there are common mistakes or shortcomings that apply to each and every occasion. The minute you commit one, you’re going to go in their black list as a woman who either must be approached carefully, carries a long list of problems but most importantly, must not be dated. That’s why you need to be well aware of these problems so that you can deviate from them, and present the best version of yourself.

Here are 4 mistakes that every woman must avoid if you want to be the perfect dating material.

  • Making men break basic rules of the bro-code

Unlike (most) woman, men take their bro-code seriously. This is because most of their day today activities to special occasions revolve around the friends or the so called brothers they find as close as family. You don’t have to know the code to think of the ways that you might be persuading them to break it. For an instance, hooking up with a friend of your ex isn’t a great idea, unless with permission. This list goes on. But it is really a matter of ethics.

  • Not taking good care of yourself

Men love pretty women. But over that, men love women who look good and also feel good. The physical and mental health play crucial roles for women who wonder how to be irresistible to men. This is because all of us are battling our individual demons. But having the will to get better and working for it, attracts a man who can help you with it. Looking good is probably the oldest trick in the book. You probably don’t have to go weeks and months on salads but limiting those cheese beef burgers is long overdue.

  • Over anti social nature

When a man is asking you out, most of the time there are no long term plans with them. They might have but in reality, everyone likes to keep their options open and so should you. But one of the mistakes that most introverted women make is avoiding all social contact. Even if your guy is as introverted as you are, it is essential to deal with the society. But if the guy we’re talking about is quite outgoing, then you should at least try and change your perspective on socialization. Because you will be representing them in the society, men tend to walk past the ones whom they think are not capable of doing that. This is the harsh reality.

  • Being addicted to smoking or drinking

There is absolutely no problem is drinking and smoking; technically speaking, there is, but there are far worse things in the world. When a man is seeking for a woman to settle down with, there are certain red flags that make them withdraw immediately. For an instance, if you happened to be affiliated with too many males from the clique that them and the guy you’re eyeing is from, the chance is less. But if you want a classy and a real man to be attracted to you, avoiding excessive usage of cigarettes and alcohol is essential.



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