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Reasons why some events end in utter failure

Amidst a country of successfully organized events of sorts, there are some companies who end earning a huge loss and a disaster hand in hand. Read ahead for things to keep away from, with regard to event planning;

Single approach

When organizing an event, be in professional or entertainment, using a one size-fits all approach will not work in the right manner, as it would be generalizing the many different interests and natures in the whole lot of attendees. For an instance, if at a corporate entertainment event, the artists invited to perform are mainly inclined towards either the older generation or the younger generation, there would be a generation gap visible when considering the points of enjoyment at the occasion. Hence it is highly advisable to cater to several approaches in order to satisfy the attendees.

Choosing the wrong venue

When organizing an event, there are a few main aspects to consider, some of the most important is the venue, catering and the risk assessment. Usually an event company in Singapore would reserve venues well ahead of the event due to their expertise in organizing events. But sometimes, some event organizers make the wrong decision in choosing the most appropriate site to fit the brief and theme of the function. It would be an utter disaster if a very professional corporate meeting is held in a place surrounded by nightclubs or casinos, because it would ruin the ambience and the mindset for the event.

Using the same themes

If an event last year was an absolute success, it will not give you the same result this year, because the attendees would be fed up of the theme and would start assuming it carries a tradition, unless the group of attendees are completely different from the batch last year.

Using the same style for every event after one successful one would only reduce the number of guests who would be eager to turn up for the occasion.

Not getting help early

Arranging for tickets and other materials should be done at a very early stage, and not in the last minute, which can backfire in terms of revenue generation and would result in earning aloss.

Apart from the causes stated above, there can be so many other reasons for an event to go downhill, such as the unreliability of vendors and suppliers, etc., therefore it is better to look out for the above and make plans ahead of the event to ensure a smooth and successful run in the event.





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