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Solutions to common Macbook problems

It can be annoying sometimes to experience some issues with our laptops, especially for Macbook laptops since we expect premium experience especially with the amount we have invested for this magnificent piece of tech. But typically, glitches are inevitable on almost every laptop, and even amidst the quality that Apple imbues on their products, even Macbooks can encounter issues along the way. So here are some of the usual problems that Macbook users may have to deal with and how to basically approach them.

Apps not responding

There are certain instances when you fire up an application and then take a while to load, and sometimes, it even makes your desktop screen freeze. It immobilizes you from doing anything else. In cases like these, look for the Apple logo at the top left of the screen and then Force Quit whatever app causes the hang. If you think multiple apps running at the same time are causing this, then hit the following keys: Command, Option, Escape. You may select which running applications to force quit.

Failure to shut down

If you are trying to shut your Macbook down and it won’t follow, chances are there are still some applications running in the background that are still on the process of closing. There may be some data that are being saved at the moment, especially for larger software like a photo editor or video editor apps. If you think this is not the reason, you can look on the dock if you still have some unresolved activities, like unsaved files from Pages. Force Quit is another option to fully stop background apps, but do it at your own risk, because if you believe you have some data that needs saving, patience is the key.

Not charging

This is a common laptop problem that even non-Macbook users may encounter. So the general approach here is to search for the source of issue beginning with the socket. Plug the Macbook onto a different socket and see if it works. If the problem persists, try using a different Macbook charger if you have a spare, or if you can borrow from someone. If you discovered that the issue lies within the cable, you can have it replaced on Apple stores. However, if the Macbook won’t still absorb juice, it could either be a software or a battery problem. Try resetting the System Management Controller of your Macbook, and when it fails, you may look for an expert in macbook pro repair singapore  to have it checked if the batteries are in need of replacing.

Apple has a loyal fan base that believes in the top notch quality of its lines of products, such as the Macbooks like Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. However, some issues may still happen on these devices, like with all other laptops out there. That’s why it’s important to educate ourselves on what to do when we encounter some problems.




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