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The ultimate tips to plant a terrarium

If you want to start planting garden terrariums then, you will need to know how you to plant it.


This simple guide will help you to do your first potting for a terrarium. The quality of it will be similar to a terrarium making workshop Singapore based. Here are the few things that you need to begin: plants, a container for planting, some coir bricks, small stones or gravel and a screen made of fibreglass.

There is a certain type of individuals that love to use tropical plans for their glass contains. It tends to make a very fascinate world when you look inside. You will find an escape that you never dreamed of when you look at it during the winter times too. Terrariums are very easy to look after and it does not require any skills to ensure that remains intact.

When you are selecting a container, remember that getting one that is fully closed will ensure that it will hold more humidity and therefore, the plant will be able to live in an atmosphere similar to a jungle. If you going to use plants such as cactuses, then you need to find an open container. There are some plants that do not require a lot of humidity. Try to get hold of a container with clear glass.


Have a pair of tweezers with you, which will help you pick up the plants carefully and place them gently into the pot. If you have a pair of tongs that are used in the kitchen, then you can use these instead of the tweezers.


When you are selecting the plants, you should consider selecting a variety to use for your terrarium display. You need to consider the amount of light that the plants require because where you place your terrarium will provide results whether the plant will continue to live or not. Always remember that the windows placed in the east will provide a medium amount of light. If you consider placing the terrarium within the west or south windows, the strength of the light will be the strongest here. If you are using indoor lights such as office lighting or the light from the north window, the strength of it will be low or medium.

Remember that you will not need a large watering can because terrariums will only need a small cup of water.


Enjoy this hobby and learn how to create something that can be given to your loved ones as gifts too! Happy terrarium making!




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