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Tips and suggestions for getting more traffic to your business’ website

Though this is the time and the age of the internet, many people are still to be aware of the fact that companies and businesses generally have a website which not only provides information about the company, but also provides answers for their frequently asked questions. This is beyond the fact that businesses also use this platform to sell goods online. Here’s how you can make your business’ webpage get more “traffic” from potential clients…

Make your clients aware of your website

Make your clients aware of your website. Have it included in your business cards. If you are running a store, and want your customers to shop with you online (which is definitely a smart move; specially to get customers who are not locals), consider having your webpage included in your clothing tags. You can also include it, and make your customers aware of it, by having it printed out at the bottom of the receipt.


Make your website simple, attractive and user friendly

This is one of the simplest ways to make sure your website gets a lot of traffic. Once you have let your clients know about your website, make sure they will find it interesting to use once they find it. Don’t over clutter it or have too many unnecessary information, as it’ll make it hard for your client and customers to distinguish the important/relevant information from it. This will make them disinterested. Additionally, you should also take measures to make your page attractive and user friendly. However, be careful not to make it “heavy”, with a lot of animations¾as it’ll make it harder to load.


Include a video into your landing page

A video is a great feature to include into your landing page¾the page that opens up when your clients click on a link directed to your webpage. You can easily create a video suitable for this on your own, using tools found online. However, we suggest you get a little expert help for this, in order to make your webpage look more professional. If you live in Singapore, then opt for a video production company Singapore based, as the locals will be more aware of the needs and wants of your local clients.

Attach your business’ website to your business social media page

Having s social media page for your business if fairly common nowadays. It helps you keep connected to your clients and customers, as well as help promote discounts and special events to them. Additionally, you can also connect your social media platforms to your webpage, promoting more traffic to your website…




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